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1 Year of Whimsy

Two years ago, we were honeymooning when we had an idea. 

We had always wanted to start a small business, we just needed the right idea. Something that would keep our creative juices flowing, and, most importantly, be fun.

A year and a half ago, between our day jobs and a pregnancy, we were sinking our spare time into this idea. We were building tents in the garage, creating a website, and filling our spare room with unicorn everything.

One year ago, we had a three week old baby. We questioned whether now was the time. We took a chance. We launched our idea - My Ultimate Sleepover was now in business.

Today, we celebrate one year of whimsy. 

One year of hard work, set-ups, tear-downs, pick-ups, drop-offs and a whole lot of laundry.

We celebrate the smiles and excitement, the kiddos with stars in their eyes, and the parents who have beamed with pride knowing that they’ve hosted the party that their child will always remember.

Today, we are proud small business owners, humbled and appreciative of the community that has helped us grow.

Two years ago, we had an idea and it turned out to be a great one.


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