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5 Party Dessert Ideas that aren't Cake!

Ah, cake. The iconic birthday food, layered in sugary icing and representative of a new age and year ahead - remember when getting older was fun?

For decades, cake was birthday and birthday was cake. But at today’s birthday parties, the dessert of choice has evolved and we’ve moved beyond that coveted corner piece with the icing flower, and onto an array of tasty, non-traditional, crowd-pleasing treats! 

Here are 5 tasty birthday dessert ideas that will pack a punch at your next sleepover party!


If you live in Ottawa, chances are you've tasted an amazing donut from one of its specialty local establishments. They come in an assortment of unique and interesting flavours and the aesthetic appeal is outstanding. A pile of colourful donuts is a definite hit and also allows for some portion control - aim for one per kid and there will be no leftover pieces to argue over!

Candy Bar!

Who doesn’t like grabbing a bag and filling it with their favourite treats! A candy bar not only packs a punch from a decorative standpoint, but it’s just plain fun! Choose candies that cover a specific colour scheme or just explode a rainbow on your table! With so many cute little bags and baskets on the market, you can find something to match your party theme or be as creative as you want! Regardless, little hands will love digging into your jars! 


Much like the candy bar, a table full of fun cookies is eye-catching and offers variety for your little party guests. Consider this option if you are already doing some holiday baking in the coming months. Make a little extra to store in the freezer for that upcoming birthday party! On the ball mama alert! 

Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

I scream, you scream - well, you know how it goes. Who doesn’t like a good bowl of this cold treat? Sundae bars are a blast, not to mention a great way to sneak some fruit into your birthday dessert! Include bananas and strawberries alongside the chocolate sauce and sprinkles to balance things out (a little). Just make sure to accommodate those with allergies by avoiding toppings like nuts. Lactose and dairy-free ice cream options are now available in most major grocery store chains so nobody will be sidelined from this fun dessert and activity in-one! 


Cake isn’t totally passé when it comes to its mini-form! Get your little partygoers' creative juices flowing with a decorate-your-own cupcake station! A big bonus? All you need to do is bake the cakes and they'll do the rest! Add some food colouring to ready-made icing, and serve up bowls of their favourite goodies from your local bulk store. Easy peasy! 

Up your dessert game with a donuts!


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