Q: When is my child ready for their first Ultimate Sleepover?


A: It's your Ultimate Sleepover, so we'll let you be the judge!


That being said, we do believe that children 7 years of age and older will get the most out of an Ultimate Sleepover.

Q: What is the difference between the Ultimate and DIY Packages?


A: The Ultimate and DIY packages both have the same inclusions. 

In addition, the Ultimate Package includes package delivery, set-up and tear-down.

The DIY package offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to the Ultimate Package. It allows parents to pick-up, set-up and drop-off at their convenience as they will have access to their package for the entirety of the weekend. Pick-up/drop-off are from/to the MUS headquarters, located near the Ottawa Airport.

Q: I'm leaning towards a DIY package, but I'm really not a crafty or creative person. Can I actually do this?


A: Haven't done a craft since kindergarten? Not a problem!


Our DIY package is straight-forward and comes with simple instructions!

Q: What do I need to do to prepare my home for my Ultimate Sleepover?

A: To guarantee a quick and efficient set-up, the host is responsible for ensuring the room of choice meets the requirements for your Ultimate Sleepover (as previously discussed and agreed to by/with the MUS team).

This includes making any adjustments to the space (moving/removing furniture) in advance of the designated set-up time. 


Failure to comply may result in a fee. 

Q: I want to host an Ultimate Sleepover but I'm concerned about space. How much room do I need?

A: Each individual MUS tent generally requires a 3.5 ft x 7 ft space. This allows for enough space for the tent, tray table, and other decor pieces. 

Don't forget that you will want a bit of additional space to be able to move about freely within your set-up. 

If you are unsure about your space, don't hesitate to reach out and we can discuss possible configurations 

Q: Can I host a party with fewer or more than 5 tents?

A: Yes! My Ultimate Sleepover packages are standardized to include five tent set-ups, but we can always adjust!

Q: What are your booking and cancellation policies?

A: For Ultimate Packages, 50% (+HST) of the package price is required to reserve your party date. The remainder of the fees are due at the time of set-up.

For DIY packages, 50% (+HST) of the package price is required to reserve your party date. The remainder of the fees, as well as a fully refundable $200 security deposit, are due at the time of pick-up. Your security deposit will be returned to you promptly at the time of drop-off. 

Cancellation 48 hours prior to your party date will result in a refund of your deposit. 

Cancellation within 48 hours of your party date will forfeit your deposit.

Q: Do you clean your set-ups after every party?

A: Most definitely. We take pride in our decor and select only items that can be easily cleaned after every party. 


After every party, we machine wash all bedding and disinfect/wipe down the mattresses and all decor pieces.

We want to ensure a clean and sanitary set-up for every client!

Q: Are pets allowed in the tents?

A: We love furry friends, but unfortunately they are not permitted in the tents. 

Due to allergies, we ask that all animals steer clear of the set-ups.

Q: What do our guests need to bring?

A: All they need is their own pillow! For hygiene reasons, we do not provide pillows in our packages. All other basic bedding is provided.

Q: Is there anything I need to do in prep for My Ultimate Sleepover tear-down?

A: We want to get out of your hair as quickly as possible. 

For this reason, we ask that hosts follow a few quick steps to ensure an efficient tear-down:

  • all bedding is placed in the provided laundry bag.

  • all lights are switched off (fairy lights, lanterns, night lights and signage).

We'll handle the rest!


Q: I've booked My Ultimate Sleepover and now I'm ready to plan my party! Any ideas?

A: My Ultimate Sleepover transforms your room into a whimsical and fun sleepover setting that your little guests are sure to love!

Our tents provide endless hours of fun on their own, but to add to the excitement, we offer add-ons like a decorate-your-own pillowcase kit and mini breakfast packages! Check our pricing page for more info!

For more ideas, check out our media page where we chat with CTV Morning Live about sleepover ideas!